Bra mending

Cute bra and knicker set

The final measure of a well made bra is that it is comfortable to wear all day. Well? The power mesh I used on this bra made it fail the all day comfort test.

It took me a while to acknowledge this failure and then a while more to figure out what I was going to do next.

I visibly mended this bra by adding another 4cm to one side of the bra back to see if that would help. It did help immensely.

Here’s a closer look at this mend. It felt fine ie not unbalanced so this bra is still wearable.

More power mesh and elastic was used.

I really wasn’t happy to start again without a solution to this bra problem. The powermesh was the issue – too short. More modern power mesh has the same stretch as plush back elastic.

Super power mesh pattern bra back option for both sides of the bra

In future bra backs, I’ll try using slinky knits with the same stretch as the elastic to see if this more modern look is just as supportive.

More wearable now

Did this mending/alteration take long? Once I had the courage to attempt this change, this took all of 30 minutes to unpick, grab the mesh and elastic and start sewing.

I now have an additional bra back in my Orange Lingerie Mystic Bra pattern packet for future bras.

Bra strap idea

What the image above shows is a bra strap idea I have. Some bra rings stick into me and I don’t like it. I have a rtw bra that has the bra ring toward the back of the bra. This idea to the bra strap will mean I need to extend the under arm elastic by about 10 cm; stabilise it and then have the bra strapping adjustment at the back of the bra. I’ll post about it when I do make this bra with the bra strap changes.

Thanks for reading this post!

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