Posting your knickers online

Here’s an interesting ‘wake up call’ I had from a good friend this week.

Cute dog picture

Since we’re able to be with people in person, a mate of my asked – ‘why do you keep posting your underwear on Facebook?’

My Instagram account is all about sewing and I’m always posting everything I make on this account.

Activewear I’ve sewn

My Facebook account, while public, is really to connect with friends and family. They don’t sew but I do, hence the question.

While I was explaining these posts on Facebook from Instagram I felt it was a good time to again delineate between Facebook and Instagram again. I’m going back through my Facebook posts and removing lingerie sewing posts because if you don’t sew (and that’s a lot of people on my Facebook account) they see these posts as like your hanging out your laundry – gorgeous laundry that fits and feels lovely of course.

My beloved faux croc jacket that is no more.

And that’s all I have to say on the matter.

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