Latest lace project

I found a brilliant lace from Minerva that I worked on for my Minerva Brand Ambassador project. The dress was the planned project. The lingerie was a gorgeous unplanned project.

When I ordered this delicate lace as part of my brand ambassador projects from Minerva, I looked locally to find a fabric that I could pair with it, in my fabric stash. I try to use what I already own or can find a the local reseller.

You never know what works until the fabrics are in your possession or if you’re able to get the the actual store, right? This is all a part of my year of working with lace. You get used to identifying lovely lace and try to see how you can create a garment that is easy to wear.

The lace is overlocked onto the denim fabric using 3 thread stitch for less bulk.

I was able to find a similar stretch woven denim from The Remnant Warehouse for the dress. I was able to overlock the lace to the denim and then sewed the dress with this kinda lace bonded fabric for the dress.

I used Simplicity 1425 top pattern and extended the peplum to create the base of the dress, also adding side seam pockets.

I’ve gone up a size at the waist because I need more room. Once I know when I’ll wear this dress I will adjust the waist width. Right now it fits my current waistline with tight pull lines. I’ll raise the back bodice waistline as it looks like there is some fullness there.

Above are some of the construction details.

Pictured left to right: The sleeve pattern was my block pattern. The sleeve cuffs are lace on denim and I’ve used a sparkly set of buttons. I placed some lace on the inside of the pocket pieces so when the side pockets gap open, the lace detailing is continuous. The original peplum piece was my guide for the skirt shape. The only maths I used was to extend the skirt to the length I needed for this dress.

delicate lace bra set

I loved using this delicate lace for this lingerie set. It is really delicate. Then I wore the knickers and ruined the lace.

lined lace front

This delicate and now hard working set uses the Cloth Habit Harriet bra pattern and the Orange Lingerie Montgomery brief pattern. By the time I unpicked the knickers and lined the front, I was able to resew these knickers with enclosed seams. If you have the Montgomery pattern, the seams are not enclosed but you can enclose the seams and have knickers that fit and are comfy.

If you ever decide to sew your own lingerie, you can successfully make your own lingerie using a run of the mill sewing machine.

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