Intrepid boiler suit

Alice and Co have this Intrepid boiler suit pattern I just love. I saw a version of this boiler suit worn in Hong Kong in 2019 and thought ‘I like it’ so I used this lovely fabric from Minerva at the time.

Alice and Co Intrepid Boilersuit

Using this Morrocaine crepe fabric is rose, this suit fills me with pure joy.
I did wear it into town one Saturday and I felt fabulous.
Let’s get back to discussing the fabric.
This crepe is 100% polyester and there is no stretch. But it is perfect for this boiler suit style.
The fabric feels so light and lofty. The pattern waistband has a wide elastic waistband that sits neatly on your waist. This style is very festive friendly – it expands as you expand.
The pattern is a loose-fit style so as you can see in the photos, I can pretty much move anyway I choose.

You could say this is my pink year. Most of my Minerva makes have used pink where possible and that colour really has made me happy while this year has been challenging. That’s how effective sewing can be when you have the option to choose the colours you work with. This keeps your sewing energy going and it’s something fun to look forward to.
Having a few pocket style in this pattern could be seen to be a challenge. The pockets are easy to sew and they’re placed where you need them.

Back view

This crepe fabric doesn’t need to be ironed. Don’t you love that?
My cutting table is the carpet on the floor and I found this was perfect for cutting fabric on. This crepe was so stable to cut and sew.
The all over feather print is easy to work with. There was no pattern matching required.
Making this Alice & co Intrepid Boilersuit was fun to make and a real joy to wear.

You’ll definitely find this post and more on my Minerva Brand Ambassador page. I love sewing for Minerva and sharing my makes with you.

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