Mint lace set

Earlier this year I bought a few types of lace from Minerva. The mint stretch lace is very delicate and can snag easily so I’ve used lingerie patterns that have lined options

mint lace set

I experimented with this fabric on a gorgeous bra and knicker set. As you can see the lace on both pieces are lined.

On the knickers I’ve lined the front lace piece and I can say this set is now both very pretty and hard wearing. I’ve used Orange Lingerie Montgomery brief pattern.

I’ve raised the front pattern piece so it sits on my exactly where I want these knickers to sit.

I’ve also worked out how to ensure all the seams are enclosed too. I just couldn’t not make a matching bra.

enclosed seams

The bra cups are pre-formed and the lace sits really well on the bra cups. Yes while making the bra I mucked the bra cups and had to unpick the lace.

Bra cup rookie

The bra cups were upside-down and as you can see, the lace is still intact. I did make sure the greatest stretch of the lace laid across the top of the bra cup, even when I had to resew the cups the right way up.

Second go at sewing the bra using bra cups from The Remnant Warehouse.

I bought the bra cups locally from The Remnant Warehouse so I was very lucky to have these available and learn more about how to use them. Their bra cup range include swimwear cups. The apricot elastic trims and bra strapping came from a local fabric reseller.

Complete set

I found a slinky knit that The Remnant Warehouse has and I’ll use this as the basis for another lace set and possibly a top. Making lace for everyday wear is one of my sewing goals this year and I’m enjoying where this sewing goal is taking me.

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