Dandelion revisit

Would you believe I first made the Dandelion dress twice in 2013?

2013 Dandelion test version

Recently I was asked for the pattern because Seamster patterns are no longer available but I have always enjoyed wearing the 2 dresses I made from this pattern ever since.

Lace on the sleeves

It was Diane from Paris who was searching for this pattern that brought this style back to my attention. I’ve used it again for this Art Gallery Fabric for Minerva as a Minerva Brand Ambassador.

This pattern has 3 necklines and I chose the sweetheart neckline and trimmed it with dark grey piping to give this a more vintage theme.

Fabric designed for quilting intrigues me so I love having the opportunity to use this fabric for clothing. I don’t quilt and feel like I’m restricting my creativity by not using quilt fabrics in my sewing projects.
When I made this dress for the first time, I used size 6 so I tested this size out again and increased the upper hip seam to handle my curves. This will take some time to work out a bit better. I’m absolutely chuffed that I can still fit into this size almost 9 years later.
Alas, my height has not increased but I’m not shorter either. Another win right?

The only notion you need is a zipper and in this version I’ve used some dark grey piping on the sleeve and on the bust neckline. Only in part for a bit of interest.
The fabric has spots of dark grey and mustard amongst the stripes so this fabric lends itself to fabric matching for both quilts and clothes. That’s the beauty of using quilt designed fabrics for clothes. The print gives you more scope to use fabric remnants to make a whole new garment that lasts for a long time.

The tiniest piece of piping on the neckline and on the sleeve

Yes this fabric is 100% cotton and creases easily but this fabric is so forgiving in hot humid climates like our Summer here in Australia.
If you’re new to sewing, this fabric can be used to make all sorts of garments and you only need to finish the seam edges with either a zigzag stitch or a 3thread overlocked stitched. I used a 3thread overlocked stitch on this dress. That’s what I did on this dress.
When you’re new to sewing in an invisible zipper, if on the first pass you can still see the zipper ie, it’s visible, you can sew a second row of stitching closer to the zipper teeth for a more invisible zipper in your garment.
I did sew 2 rows of stitching to make sure this invisible zipper is definitely invisible when I wear this dress.

As you can see, this is an easy dress to wear when you travel. It washes easily, dries fast, irons well and keeps you cool. This is another great fabric from Art Gallery Fabrics.

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