Celebration dress

There are some gorgeous makes from McCalls 7745 so I decided to make this pattern for my Minerva Brand Ambassador dress with this awesome John Kaldor crepe print.

McCalls 7745

I’ve not worn a party dress like this so I through I would try the high/low hem version and sleeves. The ruffles I add on another version of this dress.

This soft and drapey polyester crepe fabric is as you would expect from John Kaldor is easy to sew and wear. Make sure you have new sewing machine needles on your machine as I forgot to change my sewing machine needles and some of the stitching pulled the crepe threads
This fabric is a really good weight and is completely opaque, so it was perfect for this dress. The skirt has some great swishing ability that’s why I thought this crepe fabric would suit McCalls 7745 skirt.

What I think you’ll love is the bodice of all of these dresses is lined. The lining for the dress I made is a soft cotton fabric. I chose white as the lining colour so it would make the white part of the print more brilliant.

When you look at the print close up, the blue is an ink blue colour so you could think that it’s black but it’s blue.
If you’re worried about making this dress fit your waistline, stop worrying because this dress is secured by waist ties on both sides on this dress. I used velvet ribbon trim from a previous Minerva project for this dress.

This is a forgiving style and perfect for travel and you need a great dress for a cocktail or party occasion.

Because this dress is a wrap style dress, I made zero adjustments to this pattern.

The bodice is size 12 and waist and hips are size 14.
The seam edges are overlocked with a 3 thread stitch.
Making McCalls 7745 in a John Kaldor crepe of any description is a sure fire winning combination.
Ah. What I should have said from the get go is this pattern had cup sizes A/B, C and D. I used C cup because that the bust size I become when I’m on holidays.

What I had added to this dress are 2 snaps. 1 snap is a the bust opening and the other snap is at mid thigh level so the dress will swish open to a point that I’m comfortable flashing my legs. That’s the beauty of sewing your own clothes. You can make them as revealing as you’re comfortable with.
And I’ll leave my review at that point because it’s great to find a pattern that you can wear for demure purposes and for times when you want the world to notice your zest for life.

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