Cargoes in 2022

McCalls 5633 was a pattern I used in 2015 and I’ve now made a new version for Summer.

This time I used this pattern with a really loud Summer print I bought locally. The fabric is cotton and I used size 14 at the hips.

Making the cargo pockets takes time and I love the precision you need to have when you make this part of these cargoes. Because this print is so huge, I didn’t pattern match because I want the cargo pockets to be seen.

Mr Frog and I were looking skyward

This pattern has 3 trouser lengths but you make these cargoes in any length you want.

If you find sewing in waistbands is difficult, there is no waistband on this pattern. The waist has a wide facing.

I tend to make have a plain hem on these cargoes. I love creating the tabs for the waist belt loops but I rarely wear these cargoes with a belt.

I’ve lowered the centre back seam to match my curves so these are really comfy to wear for travel or just pottering about at home.

Seated view

Because this print has 3 colours, I can pair these cargoes with a few tops in my wardrobe.

The top I’ve paired these cargoes with Pauline Alice Ibi dress pattern. I pattern tested this for Pauline last year. This top is my version of the view A dress. I’ve used fabric I bought in Japan probably 5 years now. Both of these pieces work well together. They’re comfortable and keep you cool when the weather is hot and humid.

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