Versatile fabric

McCalls 5433 is a classic fit ‘perfect shirt’ pattern. I’ve made is once again and this time in this awesome Art Gallery Fabric.

Minerva Brand Ambassador dress Art Gallery Fabrics

This Oh Meow print would be a winner for any cat owners or people who very much obey their cats. Cats rule.
What drew me to this print is the colour. It’s Spring almost Summer here in Sydney Australia and right now, we’re being allowed out of lockdown and this colour really lifts my spirits.

I can get away with making View D and I raise the hem by 4cm. I’m sure this pattern is drafted for taller people but I always enjoy seeing where the hems land on me when I first make this pattern.


Let me go back to the beauty of this fabric.
I’ve used Art Gallery Fabrics before and their teal colour is one that I absolutely adore and also get positive comments from people who see me wear this colour. The fabric washes well. It irons nicely. Now the beauty of this all over print is that it doesn’t show creases when you’ve been sitting down for a while.

What is awesome about this fabric quality is how sharp the corners are when you’re making collars, cuffs or just really sharp hems.

I’ve made the side seams split slightly. It’s not a huge split but just enough to be seated and not have the hem open too far. I’ve now realised this is a good feature to add for a better seated fit on dresses that form fitted.

Sewing the collar to the shirt bodice

Now this pattern has had a few adjustments over the years. I’ve added a forward shoulder adjustment. This means the shoulder seams are forward at the shoulder point by 1.5cm. I’ve moved the sleeve curve forward on the pattern.

Because we have humid Summer weather in Sydney, I’ve made this dress one size larger. It’s a 12 at the bust and 14 at the waist and hips. I also experience hot flashes throughout the day so this allows me to bake away for a minute or two without wilting too much. While my body is going through this change I still wear fitted clothes but I built in room to bake and then cool off again.

Feeling chuffed in this dress

This fabric is 100% cotton so I can bake away and feel comfortable in this dress. This sleeveless style is finished using bias fabric I’ve made from the off cuts of this fabric. The armholes are slightly gathered at the back so the dress doesn’t gap too much at the back.

Yes I’ve been wearing this dress on a few of our hottest days so far and it’s a winner in my books. This dress does bring me joy.

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