Art shirt

New Look 6407 is my go-to shirt pattern that I adjust depending on my body shape at the time. This is my full on Winter body size.

I’ve made this shirt a few times now and I went up a size to size 14 this time.

The nice thing about New Look 6407 is that it has a two-part collar. This means that I can choose to use both collar pieces or just the collar band. That’s what I decided upon with this fabric. You can also see that I’ve used a plain white fabric for the button facing and on the inside collar band so there was no print clashing behind the button closure.


As you can see, for Winter I tend to let my hair grow longer so using both collar pieces remains hidden. This is a pre-2021 lockdown holiday and then we were indoors in Sydney for 4 months.

The pattern doesn’t have a long sleeve version with cuffs so I’ve extended the sleeves by about 10cm and then cut out cuffs and added a simple cuff placket.

The other thing I’ve done is used white satin ribbon to finish the back collar on the inside. The facing is a white cotton fabric from my stash. This keeps the print standout without any underlayer competing with it on the front.

The buttons were purchased at the Sewing Basket so I feel a bit satisfied that I’ve used someone’s button stash.

I’m wearing my Jalie jeans (2908) I made as a previous Minerva Brand Ambassador and the jacket uses fabric I bought from Elliott Berman Textiles in New York years ago. My Winter clothes that I’ve made are in for a good Winter season wear ahead.

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