OWOP 2014

One Week, One Pattern! (or OWOP) is a group challenge where participants wear garments made from just one pattern of their choice, every day for a week – hosted by Handmade Jane 

I did try to achieve this a few years ago and got through a couple days.

This year I made it through the full week wearing 3 of 4 Jalie jeans 2908. Remember I work full time so the best I could manage was wearing my jeans after work for 4 of those days. We have a business casual day so I did wear OWOP for a full week.

Did I want to have 7 days of photos of me wearing the jeans? I put the makeup aside and hairdryer and simply focused on the jeans.

It was nice to also wear me-made tops and jackets. Mission accomplished.

September Minerva Make – Classic baroque

Hill End historic town was the perfect setting to test out my new Baroque print Jalie Jeans and ‘matching’ black knit top using Vogue 1378 Donna Karan. And I wore a pair of new boots. Well it was my birthday last month so I treated myself to some decent boots.

I love the lattice work on this building.

Let’s get back to these two great pieces courtesy of Minerva Crafts UK. When you see this stretch denim print close up, it’s stunning.

And I had good look at how people in the UK wore printed jeans on our recent visit to the UK for the Minerva visit this year. 

I hope you’ve seen Louise’s Baroque linen dress? She looks great.

Working with Baroque print fabric

The front and back legs were cut out separately so I could line up the print. The notches on the Jalie pattern helped keep this print lined up.

Here is the updated Jalie jeans pattern after I tested it with spare denim from my stash.
Here is updated front pattern with a lowered front pocket. The front pockets was just too high on this low rise version.
Here is one of the front pockets with the coin pocket print lined up.
And this is the back pocket lined up. You can just see the pocket matching by following the top stitching.
Can you see both back pockets now?
And I used this Eiffel tower print for the pockets.
With silver rivets
This stretch denim fabric: 
– washes well, 
– does not stain other clothes in the wash ie dye fast, 
– does not need ironing 
– and is a dream to sew. 
PS The interfacing at the zipper is a must. Don’t forget doing this step.

The knit top
I had no real plan for a simple knit top. So I chose this top except this is no ordinary black knit top.
Vogue 1378
Most people love Vogue 1378 for the ponte pants – as do I. But I wanted this swishy top. It worked. 

The main changes I made was taking off 8 1/2″ off the length and then I took out 2cm from the front neckline. The shoulder seams and sleeve head were brought forward too.

The front neckline has a built in facing so it’s easy to finish.

The fiddliest bit was getting these folds in the right spot. Now if you usually do a sway back adjustment, you don’t need to because of the folds.

This knit is a good weight and has two-way stretch. It was easy to work with. I wish all knits were like this.

Ok, here’s a close up view. It’s form fitting.

 Ok. I’ve taken my arms away so you can see the bodice fit.

By the time Mr V finished taking these pics, the whole town started driving passed. 
At least the local constabulary stayed away.
I’m sure this building would have been a Sewing Emporium in the 1800s. And yes, I’m no ‘super model’.

So if you’re still interested in this fabric – go to Minerva Crafts UK now. There are loads of fabrics on sale!

PS: I love baroque music too. However, grab these fabrics before I go back for more.

Jeans and heels

This very first pair (Jalie 2908) were a test and they’re certainly a weekend staple. I made these in 2011.

These jeans were made to wear with flat shoes but these jeans don’t look great with heels.
This second pair are also good to wear with my Converse shoes but not with heels.

I really wanted a pair of jeans to wear with heels. So out came Jalie 2908 for another make in 2014. 

Below is a pic of both pairs of jeans and while the roll cost $4, the denim colour has kept true to colour. You can see the new pair of jeans (WIP view) are longer. 

Added 2″ at mid calf level.
Lowered the front pockets by 1.5cm
Took out 1.5cm from centre back yoke
Top stitched everything possible.
Used rivets where possible because rivets help the jeans shape hold over time.
For a $4/roll of denim from The Remnant Warehouse, it’s kept it colour really well.
This time I followed the Jalie instructions to sew in the zipper. I’d previously followed Sandra Betzina’s video but kept finding the jeans zipper hovered to the right. This time these jeans sits as designed – centre.

Zippers at your heels?
Above is a pic of how I placed the zippers at the hems (WIP).
The first spot I put the zippers were right in the middle at the back leg hem. When I checked this in the mirror, the zippers didn’t sit above my shoe heels so I moved the zippers 2.5cm across to the side seam and that’s where I decided to sew them in.
Here’s how I prepped the welt area with the quilt cotton I used for the pocket bag lining.
The pic above shows how the exposed zipper ‘bit’ is prepared – kinda like a welt pocket.

I had to check twice that the welt was just shy of the zipper length before I sewed the zipper in. 

The zipper pull will tap on my shoe heels as I walk, so you’ll know I’m approaching you when I wear these jeans.

I fused the zipper in place before I sewed these in.
Here’s how the sewn in zippers looked before I finished the hems.

And I did topstitch these zippers too.

Do you think they’re in the right spot?
Jeans and heels.
Farm visit
If you follow me on Instagram, on the weekend Mr V and I were visiting friends and their farm out at Gulgong and we visited Hill End historic site.

Paired with my favourite wool Swanndri vest, new blue knit Vogue top (more on that later), new Jalie jeans and new boots – I was a country gal for the weekend. Yee-haw.

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. 
A blooming Golden Wattle tree is a true sign Spring is here.

PS: You do realise there’s another pair of jeans in the pipeline?
Baroque black and white stretch denim
But wait, there’s more…to come.

#MMMay wk1

Now at 307 participants, #MMMay14 is certainly underway.

This week I stuck to sorting out my ‘after work’ clothes. This week’s bag to charity has 5 pieces from my wardrobe included Day 4’s top.

Day 1: Kwik sew 2694 and eyelet pants similar to Simplicity 2503.

Day 2: Duathlon shorts for 6am bike class. The morning is now a bit chilly so I’ll be wearing my longs for outdoor sessions. That also includes cycling.

Day 3: Jalie jeans, Kwik Sew 3567 top, Minoru shower proof jacket and Presido purse. The weather got a lot cooler today and it was wet when I left in the morning.

Day 4: ‘May the force be with you’ because I’m pooped.
RTW jeans slimmed down by moi, Vogue 7610 jacket, Kwik Sew 3567 and my urban Presidio purse.

I used a panel print for the top but it looks kinda daggy and the fabric doesn’t feel nice. What in the ‘Phantom Menace’ was I thinking when I bought it. I was aiming for a Sci fi look but I came out grunge instead.

Catch up

Would you believe I haven’t sewn for 2 days and you’re about to see why? Three days have flown by and the MMM12 challenge continues.

May 18 – Green photo challenge and Knitwit fabric showing.
Sharon and I caught up with Wendy Gager of Knitwit.com.au at her Sydney fabric showing. Wendy’s team puts together interesting clothing samples made up of their knit fabrics so even if you don’t buy, you’ll still get to see a different style point of view and another way of using the same pattern again. Kinda like the one pattern many looks contest that starts on PR from 1 June.
Dress: Vogue 8379 This was my first green piece for 2011 and I’ve been building green into my wardrobe ever since. 
Wendy is wearing garments made from the Winter collection.
Sharon’s MMM clothes are: top – Vogue 8572; skirt – McCall’s 7244.

MMM12 Day 19 at Pitt Trading, San Souci
We aimed to have 5 MMM12 together in one shot and we managed 4 MMM12ers. Not bad.
We all met at Pitt Trading at high noon and earlier in the day, Sharon and Michelle (MyOwnInspiration) met there first and then ducked across to The Remnant Warehouse (TRW). Janelle (sewhopefull) headed over to TRW after our photo shoot. And we all bought fabric.

While we all sew and blog, it was easy to strike up a conversation and find we had really similar sewing experiences. We got spotted by a customer who has read our reviews on PR so all we really needed was a coffee table and we could have chatted together for the rest of the afternoon.

Three of us wore our trusty Jalie jeans (Michelle of myowninspiration, Sharon and I) and we all checked out each other’s Minoru jacket before we left for the afternoon.
Janelle’s Lilly Chin Lace crotchet dress is even more stunning in real life. Thanks for taking the pic Alison and thank you Pitt Trading for giving us permission too. You looked after us so well.
Jacket: Sewaholic Minoru jacket I had a comment that my Minoru jacket colour drains me so I’ve teamed this with a warm pink tee. There is another Minoru in the pipeline…
Jeans: Jalie 2908. I wore these two weeks ago.

May 19 30th Birthday dinner
Today I’m recovering from last night’s birthday dinner. We had a blast as did the restuarant patrons.
Dress: Simplicity 6870 1966 vintage green apple dress. I finally got to wear it and in a sea of black I was easy to spot.

Day 20 – Morning training ride
Here’s why my nickname is Velosewer. I’m surrounded by a folding bike, a road bike, a mountain bike and a folded bike stand. This MMM bright blue and pink fleece vest is an early attempt at making cycling gear. It was cold this morning so underneath this fleece vest are two layers. While the vest is long and shapeless, it’s so good on a cold winter morning. I might blog the vest for you. I’m wearing fingerless gloves so it’s not that cold yet.

Day 20 shopping
When we were riding I got a flat tyre so I changed it but had to take the bike to the shop because I had a fall last week and I thought it might be worthwhile getting the brakes adjusted. While the bike was being adjusted I walked down the road for a quick look at the shops, but didn’t buy anything. It was more to have a gander and what styles are selling and the colours that are available.
Top: Kwik Sew 3378. I’ve also made this in a green orchid print, a green and a grey version.
Topper: A quick topper from Sew Stylish. This took a couple of hours to make and I think I’ll make another one soon. 
Jeans: Jalie 2908. Question. Has anyone made this style in a straight leg version yet? I’m seriously thinking about it.

Mini collection

Happy Mothers Day everyone. Here’s what I wore to a casual brunch with Mum.
Top: Butterick 5283 I’ve also made this in a red.
Jacket: Vogue 7610 I’ve made this in a blue cord and in red.
Jeans: Vogue 1204. These have a wool/poly mix and it’s windy and cold so I’ve rugged up.

Now for the mini collection. The jeans were featured yesterday. Today it’s the Jalie scarf top and Simplicity wrap. The version below is the toile.

Excuse the stupid look, but this is the Jalie scarf top in a textured knit that was challenging both placing the textured lines and sewing without puckered seams. This fabric had a mind of it’s own but we did get along.

 And below is the wrap made from a dark brown net.

I’ll blab about their construction tomorrow.

Tap tap – Jalie 2908

I really know a pair of jeans are finished when I hammer in the jeans button and rivets, as does my husband! This is my entry for the Best of Contest on PR.

These jeans are designed for stretch woven fabrics and I enjoy wearing the low rise version. This time I used a cream top stitching thread for a real contrast. I summonsed up the guts to use such a contrast because it really shows up. Leftover fabric is used for the pocket lining.

Sway back adjustment was made during the first version. This time I took out the below butt crease.

The result of this adjustment is there are less creases that the previous version.
In the picture below, you can’t see the centre back seam on the waistband because I’ve placed it behing the belt carrier.

Because this fabric had more stretch than the first version, I took more out of the side seams, before adding the waistband.

The lines in the front are because I tucked the top into the jeans so you could see the topstitching.

The picture above is how I’ll be wearing these jeans.

The jeans button and rivets were from an Ebay seller so once I’ve worn these jeans a few times, I’ll know if the jeans button is sturdy or if it pops off.

Below is today’s MMM’12 pic is with my favourite snack – popcorn. This brand has no fat but a hint of sugar. Mmm.
Yes, I am short.
Top: Kwik Sew 2683 using two fabrics so that it looks like two layers and not just one top.
Jeans: Vogue 8774.
This is definitely what I look like on weekends.