Tap tap – Jalie 2908

I really know a pair of jeans are finished when I hammer in the jeans button and rivets, as does my husband! This is my entry for the Best of Contest on PR.

These jeans are designed for stretch woven fabrics and I enjoy wearing the low rise version. This time I used a cream top stitching thread for a real contrast. I summonsed up the guts to use such a contrast because it really shows up. Leftover fabric is used for the pocket lining.

Sway back adjustment was made during the first version. This time I took out the below butt crease.

The result of this adjustment is there are less creases that the previous version.
In the picture below, you can’t see the centre back seam on the waistband because I’ve placed it behing the belt carrier.

Because this fabric had more stretch than the first version, I took more out of the side seams, before adding the waistband.

The lines in the front are because I tucked the top into the jeans so you could see the topstitching.

The picture above is how I’ll be wearing these jeans.

The jeans button and rivets were from an Ebay seller so once I’ve worn these jeans a few times, I’ll know if the jeans button is sturdy or if it pops off.

Below is today’s MMM’12 pic is with my favourite snack – popcorn. This brand has no fat but a hint of sugar. Mmm.
Yes, I am short.
Top: Kwik Sew 2683 using two fabrics so that it looks like two layers and not just one top.
Jeans: Vogue 8774.
This is definitely what I look like on weekends.


  1. I am drooling over the fit of your Jeans! Truly. If I may make one suggestion, I think back pockets that are slightly higher and also smaller would make your butt look even better than it already does. Thanks for the review and pics. I think we are close to the same proportions, so I will play with pocket sizing and placement if I make these for myself.


  2. Hi Barbara in California.
    Thank you for your comments. I've resized the pocket size on the green vogue jeans. I kinda divided the pocket into 9 pieces to shrink them down. I might try this on these Jalies next go. Cheers.


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