Croc denim & furniture spray

At least five years ago I bought this croc-resin stretch woven denim locally with a zipper jacket in mind. And here it is.

Before I show you the fabric, let me show you my sewing tools of choice. 
I used lots of furniture spray, a teflon foot, a denim needle and wonderclips to sew the fabric.

You can see the teflon foot and wonder clips used on the collar.
You can’t smell the ‘Mr Sheen‘ used to help the fabric flow and be sewn easily.

My fingers ached trying to pin this fabric together, so wonderclips made sewing easier.

McCalls 4596 jacket. I first made this pattern up in 2008.
Here’s a close up view of the collar and lining. The fabric has some stretch which was both good and bad. The slight fabric stretch is basically good once it’s made up and you wear it.

However I did use pins to get the sleeve in so the puckers at the shoulder line look like small even pleats. I trimmed the seam allowances everywhere I could for better shaping.

I used the denim fabric on the pocket at the jacket seam.
Here’s the side view so you can see the final close up.

The back shaping is nothing to look at on the hanger. When I saw this photo I realised the lining in the right sleeve was too short, so I unpicked it and handsewed the sleeve lining in place, and the sleeve now hangs ‘naturally’.

Why did I make this jacket now?

I wanted a wild-looking jacket to go with my highland inspired dress but it was so cold on the day, I ended up wearing a coat instead.

The back shoulder width gives me room to move and it’s a good layering piece.

I can safely say this jacket is great for travel.

This was my go-to jacket in Canberra this weekend for CBR Frocktails. Fab weekend ladies!

Tap tap – Jalie 2908

I really know a pair of jeans are finished when I hammer in the jeans button and rivets, as does my husband! This is my entry for the Best of Contest on PR.

These jeans are designed for stretch woven fabrics and I enjoy wearing the low rise version. This time I used a cream top stitching thread for a real contrast. I summonsed up the guts to use such a contrast because it really shows up. Leftover fabric is used for the pocket lining.

Sway back adjustment was made during the first version. This time I took out the below butt crease.

The result of this adjustment is there are less creases that the previous version.
In the picture below, you can’t see the centre back seam on the waistband because I’ve placed it behing the belt carrier.

Because this fabric had more stretch than the first version, I took more out of the side seams, before adding the waistband.

The lines in the front are because I tucked the top into the jeans so you could see the topstitching.

The picture above is how I’ll be wearing these jeans.

The jeans button and rivets were from an Ebay seller so once I’ve worn these jeans a few times, I’ll know if the jeans button is sturdy or if it pops off.

Below is today’s MMM’12 pic is with my favourite snack – popcorn. This brand has no fat but a hint of sugar. Mmm.
Yes, I am short.
Top: Kwik Sew 2683 using two fabrics so that it looks like two layers and not just one top.
Jeans: Vogue 8774.
This is definitely what I look like on weekends.

Jalie jeans 2908

This is the coolest pattern. I’m bias. After unpicking the previous woven pair V1204, this pair was much quicker to finish. And they really are low rise.
The fabric is a stretch woven from the Remnant Warehouse ($3 for 3 metres) and the metal zip was 20c from a sale. So really, this pair were definitely low cost and low stress.
By the time I made this pair, I knew that the centre back seam was going to be trimmed back by 3cm because of my sway back. Next pair, I’ll raise the centre back yolk by 3cm so the back jeans don’t drop when I bend over.
I didn’t use the topstitching thread on the zipper opening or down the centre back. Sylvia at work said this made these jeans look more dressy. I did add two coin pockets. Again, I had a machine with top stitching thread, a second machine with sewing thread and the overlocker set up for these jeans.

Next pair will have smaller back pockets and smaller coin pockets. I’ll petite them.