Me Made May jacket

This month I’m getting used to social isolation and in Australia we’re allowed to go outside to exercise. I’ve had Simplicity 2153 in my pattern stash for many years and when I planned this jacket for an Autumn walking jacket I had no idea we would be living the way we are right now.


I’ve always wanted to use Cotton and Steel fabric so I chose this brushed cotton as the basis of this jacket.

I ordered just enough to make View D with only the pockets at the base of the jacket. I should have ordered more because the fabric is 44” wide.


There are some lovely gathered pockets on Simplicity 2153 that I’ll keep in mind for a future version. Oh and this pattern has a couple of interesting collar options.

This is a wonderful fabric to wear now that it’s become cooler in Australia. I’ve never really worn brushed cotton before or sewn with it.


This fabric was a bit light weight for a firm jacket so I was happy that this fabric has lovely drape and handle for the gathers used on this jacket styling.

I used a very light interfacing to add some weight to the fabric but to not lose the drape quality needed for this jacket. I like to have firm seam finishes for jackets so on this jacket I’ve used machine fell seams on the side seams.


Did I mention that I didn’t have enough fabric for the facing? I used denim fabric from jeans that I previously made from an earlier Minerva make. The denim is a good colour that blends into the dark. I used cotton bias binding to finish the facing edges.

This wonderful green cord was a pleasant surprise when I received by Minerva delivery. It’s a great match with this print. I went into my notion stash and found these brilliant red cord ends and added them to this jacket.


What I wasn’t sure about was how to stop the cord from fraying. I used a few layers of fray stopper and that has kept the cord ends in check.


This is one of my walking jackets and to ensure I can wear this jacket at dusk, I’ve added reflective tape to the zipper and on the sleeves.


The reflective tape is flat, smooth and wide enough to sew onto the zipper tape to add a touch of reflection along the jacket front. During the day, it doesn’t really make any difference to the look of the jacket. At night, the tape really stands out.


You’ll notice in previous Minerva jackets that I’ve used reflective tape on them too, for the same reason. I love how these jackets are both fun to wear and safe to wear at night.

The piping used on this jacket, the reflective tape and the zipper were all from my notion stash.

The key fitting adjustments were minimal this time.

I shortened the jacket length by 7cm and kept the sleeve length as is. Once I sewed the jacket body together, the length was just right but I was tossing up the option of either keeping the hem cord on or only using the cord for the waistline.


I’ve only used the cord at the waist. Maybe it I was taller, I would have added the cord at the hem as well. I’ve worn this jacket a few times now walking outside while we’re in isolation. I’m glad I don’t have hem cord from a practical point of view.

All the best to you all and have fun with #Memademay2020.

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