Me Made May 2020

‘I, Maria (velosews), pledge to wear me-made clothes to lift my spirits and have days where I’ll just wear gym gear to make sure I do some sort of exercise (endorphins are free) throughout May 2020’ My me made may pledge.

Go listen to 2 podcasts with Zoe Edwards on Sew Organised Style podcast.

I thought I had better place this here to make sure I stay focused in May.


There will be days when I won’t participate, based on how I’ve been feeling since we’ve had to deal with staying at home. That said, since starting the Daily series on Sew Organised Style podcast, I’ve felt like I’m doing a little something to give people something positive to listen to for their sewing motivation, if nothing else.

If you’d like to support Sew Organised Style podcast, subscribe to our podcast and maybe even support us on Patreon.

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