Stay home couture

Finally finished the matching couture skirt using McCalls 7845 to match my Burda jacket using the most affordable coating with a French vibe to it.


My first French suit and I can feel free to wear it anytime especially while staying home.


Any bright top will work with this skirt. The fabric is really easy to sew.


The fabric is coating so I went up a size and used size 14 for this skirt.

At the back of the skirt, there is no centre back seam so it’s perfect. What I mean is there’s no need to line up the fabric at the back.


I only needed to line up the stripes along the right join of the skirt and that was simple to do by pinning each white line.


There are at least 6 skirt variations for McCalls 7845.

They are all super cute and this pattern has been in my stash for a while. While staying at home my stash is being very well utilised. I will use the cute ruffle skirts in future and for this skirt, the non-ruffle versions were going to suit this lovely coating fabric.

From the line drawing, I knew I would need to extend the main skirt pieces by 25cm so I could have plenty of skirt fabric for a heavy hem.


Now for those of you who are technically minded, a 2cm hem was never going to sit well with this fabric. This skirt has a 5cm hem. That’s heavy but this fabric needed the weight to keep the fabric sitting well.

The other thing I did was to make sure the hem didn’t stop along that white thread line on the fabric. But what you can see is I’ve used the white line where the front seams meet.


The white thread line on this fabric is your friend.

The front seam is where I was able to place the white thread line and show the design detail really well.

This really is a simple skirt. It has 2 darts on the back of the skirt.

I’ve used an invisible zipper on the side seam.


So this isn’t just a simple suit now with it’s matching skirt. At night the fabric dazzles and I know it will look great at any virtual party that I’ll be attending while staying at home.

Look after yourselves and keep sewing.


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