Belgium fabric shops

At home the time to shop locally is on a Saturday and that’s what I did in Belgium.

It’s not every day I’m in Belgium so instead of doing lots of research with the sewing community, I decided to use my Yelp app and a 24 hour public transport pass using STIB-MIVB app to get around Brussels.

First stop: Mercerie Wonderland

This is a small shop that runs workshops. The owner was running a workshop and she was happy to let me look at the shop. It’s small and very inspiring.

I grabbed a coffee at the bus stop before I headed off to the next fabric store.

Second stop: Maison Des Tissus

This fabric store was not on Yelp. I spotted in on the bus while heading to Maison Doree.

It has lots of gorgeous silks, cottons, mixed fabrics for couture sewing and basics as well. If I lived in a cold climate, this is where I’d get some great coating.

The buttons I bought were from this store.

Third stop: Maison Doree

This store has so much great fabric and lots of notions. They have a huge wall of buttons. They had a lot of Prym products that I hadn’t seen before.

The fabrics I bought from were on sale and they’re light-weight so that helps with my small baggage allowance. The staff are friendly.

Fourth Stop: Au Coin Vert

This is furnishing fabrics only.

Fifth Stop: Le Comptoir

I didn’t go into this store. It looked like a furniture building store.

Sixth and last stop: Tissumarket

When I arrived at this store, it was closed for lunch. So I walked by the markets and stopped at Monk Bar for a mixed meat and cheese board and a cherry beer. Oh it was good to sit down for a while.

The fabric store open by the time I finished lunch and again, this store had lots of amazing fabrics for coats and jackets.

Along the way I saw lots of great sights in Brussels that I went back to on the Sunday. Lots of stores are closed on Sunday so shopping on the Saturday was a good strategy.

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