Buckingham Palace

I went to London to visit the Queen.


The weather turned cold and wet but when Her Majesty joined us, the rain held back as did we.


The people she spoke to were being recognised for the great charity work. I was a mere onlooker who was given the opportunity to be there on the day.


I wore a couture dress I made last year as part of my Minerva Crafts sponsored projects but 2 weeks before I flew out my gut told me to make a coat to match my outfit and that’s what I did.


This photo of the Beatrice and Eugenie was taken from afar.


This photo of Prince Harry (new Dad) was taken close up. Being small, sometimes people scoot me to the front, and that’s how I got this photo on the day.


I was really cold by mid way through the afternoon.


Again I was at the front of the line up so there’s no way I was going to let the cold weather dampen my day.

This new coat is a Burda Style pattern and my shift dress was an Avid Seamstress pattern. I made my fascinator and the huge latte colour feathered flowers just for this event.

Yes. I did visit the Queen and loved every part of the journey to get there.

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