Sun-kissed Anneli

There’s always that mad rush to dress after a day at the beach and inevitably there’s a stop off for a quick bite to eat on the way home. This Named pattern Anneli double front dress is perfect for a quick dinner on the way home.

Ok so I don’t wear 4inch heels at the beach but doesn’t this double front dress look fab in heels?

This knit print has a great all-over print that works so well under the Australian sun.
It’s one of the Art Gallery fabrics sold by Minerva Crafts. The name is Swifting floral boho stretch jersey. It feels so soft.
I also was impressed by the packaging Named patterns provides.

The fabric washes well, dries fast and holds it colour every time.

I’ve now worn this a few times with friends since I made it in November.

I did a test version of this pattern with a stripe jersey.
I didn’t want to waste the boho print but I was curious to see how the double front would work on my bust. 

What you see above is my efforts to have similar prints on the shoulder finish and the front bodice. By the way, I’m enjoying using Prym’s scissors.

Testing this pattern gave me a practice run at the construction.

As you can see below I’ve also added a snap along the opening so that the front layer doesn’t open out too far as I’m walking or when there’s a gust of wind.

As you can see, the finish along the front vertical edge is very simply done.

I used the jersey fabric for the belt again.

There’s plenty of fabric at the back but not too much fabric so that it looks heavy.
This allows the dress to follow the shape of my sway back and I’m happy with this result.
The other thing I could do was use the width of the fabric to make this dress, so I have more jersey for another project adventure.
Now that I’ve made this a few times, it’s so easy to wear and is great for Summer. 


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