Anneli test projects

Happy New Year everyone. I hope 2018 treats you well.

Below are two test Annelis for Summer. Anneli is a double front dress and tee pattern by Named Patterns.

Both fabrics are stash fabrics that had no project attached to them. Now I’m happy to have used them for this pattern.

The seams are 1cm wide.
The double front isn’t too fussy after all. I wasn’t sure if the double front would look too heavy but it actually drapes nicely.
This is now a Summer fav worn with Grainline Maritime shorts on weekends.

This dress version was perfect to use this big, flowing jersey print.
Cutting this out in ‘dress length’ wasn’t the challenge.
The cutting challenge was the making sure the print design ran on the outer front dress piece and not be hidden on the under layer.
I cut the back dress piece out first and then I cut out the upper front dress layer.

This dress with its amazing print worked.
The arm finish and neckline finishes were also important during the cutting stage. Once I cut out the main dress pieces, I cut out the bindings so they matched the dress.
Sewing (cutting) is my super power, as you can see. All the colours lined up.

The back is basically black with a bit of colour.
So I think I’m set for the next Summer bbq that comes my way.

I’m still enjoying prosecco and a spot of sparkling rose to celebrate the New Year.

The next version will be an all over-print so you can judge for yourself if you’re ready to make your own Anneli.

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