Marking: Traditional and innovative

Whether you’re new to sewing/crafting or have been making your own clothes for years, you have the choice of marking notches etc using traditional methods or using the handy gadgets Prym offers you.

From the choice of Prym products that I used at Susan Khalje’s two courses in Australia, I used every piece of these products to produce my cocktail dress and lace skirt. I’ll show you the final lace skirt later on this week.
Traditional marking tools

I still feel most comfortable using pins and basting pattern marks on fabrics.
The cute needle storage gadget you see is the needle twister from Prym.

When I need to take a sewing kit with me to work or a function I use the Prym needle twister with pre-threaded needles. It happens from time to time.
Traditional marking methods using pins, needles and thread still do the trick.

Innovative marking tools

I was able to experiment with Prym’s newer marking products – part of Prym’s ergonomic red dot range.

The parallel tracing wheel has markings on it so you can safely mark 1.5cm, 2cm and 4cm seam allowances in a white chalk. These markings are on both sides of the bar so you can be either left or right handed to use it.

The spring tape measure is a great shape and doesn’t slip out of your hands too quickly.

The ergonomic tracing wheel is a good shape that let’s you mark a lot of seams without tiring your wrist.

The sew and knit gauge is a long time fave of mine.
The marking pen is white so it works on lots of colours and is fine enough to keep you accurate.

The Prym Love range is so cute and also has a mechanical marking pen and chalkner.

Minerva Crafts Prym discount

You only need to look online at Minerva Crafts to order any Prym products. Use the discount code ‘MARIA’ when you purchase Prym products.

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