Butterick 6351 perfected

This rayon from Minerva Crafts worked the best for Butterick 6351 jumpsuit. 

After making the test dress and jumpsuit versions with firmer fabrics, this rayon draped the best as you can see below.

See what I mean? This rayon has great draping qualities and looks flattering even from this angle!

The floral print was fun to work with when I was cutting out the pattern pieces and placing the pattern in a flattering way. 

When I pre-washed the fabric, it held its colour even in the Summer sun. There’s a slight gold colour on this fabric that shows up really well in real life.

As you can see, this kit came with some really lovely lining and contrast buttons for the back bodice.

The real beauty of this pattern – no zipper is required.

The pants front has two pleats at the waist. This photo shows there’s no odd print placement on the front pants.

As you can see, the print placement at the back worked well too.

Adding interfacing around the neckline is really all the work you need to reinforce the neckline for a clean finish.

The final front bodice has the V-neckline folded to suit my needs. I’ve also folded down the front shoulder seam for my forward shoulders. The front bust dart is 2cm shorter than the bust dart provided.

On the bodice back, I’ve taken out 2cm from the armhole. I’ve also raised the shoulder seam by 2cm, as part of the forward shoulder adjustment.

Above and the pants adjustments. Shortened length taken out at the knee and I’ve shortened the front centre front curve.

Part of the sewing process required a bit of accuracy so I used my Prym knitting and sewing gauge to get the stitching line right. This knit and sew gauge is easy to set and it doesn’t move until you’re ready to adjust it again. It has both cm and inch measurements, that I love because I work with both measurement.

I consider this a more ‘formal’ jumpsuit because of the fabric, the fit and the hem length.

This jumpsuit was perfect to wear at a family lunch. We do love our food.

This month for Aussie and Kiwi sewing bods, I’m giving away two prizes:
– the full kit including the pattern and
– just the pattern Butterick 6351. 

Let me know what you’d like to win by heading over the my blog post on Minerva Crafts website by Thursday 9 February.

I was really thrilled when Andrea received her prize kit last month and I’m looking forward to seeing who the lucky giveaway winners are this month.

Don’t forget that you still get 10% off any Prym product purchase using ‘maria’ discount code.

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