Prym products and your discount

There are lots of notions around but in Australia we’re limited to what we can buy. It’s even tougher if you don’t live in a major city. Online purchasing gives us lots more choice. 

Here are the Prym products I used to make espadrilles in December.

Minerva Crafts blogging gives me ongoing access to top-notch brands like Prym

You also have access to Prym products through Minerva Crafts and this year together we’re collaborating to make Prym products more enticing to buy. 

You get a 10% discount when you purchase any Prym product from Minerva Crafts website using this discount code ‘MARIA’.

This is a small selection of tailoring products I’ve started using.
I’ll be road testing a stack of Prym’s products in my normal sewing posts.  Prym’s range is quite extensive so I’ll also be using lots of ‘new to me’ products.

I’ve been relying heavily on Prym’s Youtube tutorials to learn how to use their innovative tailoring products. 

Let me be up front. I’ve received Prym’s products for free and I receive no monetary benefit. You however, get a 10% discount through Minerva Crafts when you use the discount code  ‘MARIA’. 

These are the Prym Love products that are just as innovative and cute

I am bias as I’ve always considered Prym products to be the Mercedes Benz in the world of sewing notions. Reliable, useful and well-designed products but living in Australia, Prym products aren’t readily available through retailers. A local wholesaler only stocked one vintage Prym anorak notion.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at Prym HQ and their press fastener production process.

When I first started making jeans, Prym rivets and Prym press fasteners were what I was told were the best notions to use. I’ll be road testing these this year.

So no matter where you live, if you want to purchase Prym products, go to Minerva Crafts and use the discount code ‘MARIA’.

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