Cutie pie


I’m ‘Koala Bear’ and I’m turning 2 soon. I’m wearing this outfit Daddy’s Aunty made me. She sews a lot and sometimes we get to wear the things she sews for us. 

Do you like the car I’m holding? I like toys.

Now I don’t normally wear hats, but I can tell this hat will be good to wear when it’s cold. That’s what Mummy says. 

Aunty said she made this pattern for Seamstress Erin. It’s called Electron Layette and it’s comfy to wear.

Let me just eat my chocolate while Aunty talks. 

Mummy, where’s my drink. Mum. Mummy.

While ‘Koala Bear’ is eating his chocolate let me quickly say, this outfit was quick and easy to make. I used fabric that I bought from Clearit in Melbourne. It’s a soft, poly cotton two-way stretch knit.

‘Koala Bear’s’ Mum said the harem pants are perfect for nappy wearers. The sizing works for ‘Koala Bear’.

I plan to make one more set of this pattern so ‘Koala Bear’ can look less Smurf/elf and more his normal happy two-year old. He’s growing up so fast.

I took off my hat Aunty. Ha ha. Aren’t I a clever Koala Bear.

I love it!

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