1960s revisit

Last year Kyle and I bought this fabric at Elliott Berman in New York. 

Hopefully you’ve read Kyle’s epic skirt posts. They’re really detailed and quite helpful.
The neckline has piping and I’ve used a grey zipper.
The pattern Simplicity 2154 is one we both chose without knowing it. Minerva Crafts UK supplied the pattern for my April project.

Kyle’s skirt posts are now my reference point for the pencil skirt so I made a test version using a fabric remnant from Pitt Trading

This fabric has great wool content and Kyle’s allergic to wool so you can follow her techniques if you’re also allergic to wool.

I find wool irritating so I followed Kyle’s advice.

This skirt and jacket are made using Simplicity 2154.

This fabric has no stretch to it but I love the colours in it because they brighten up Winter grey. 

I used a quilting foot on my sewing machine to baste the lining to the fabric but not adding lining.
I used white thread for the inside and grey thread for the outside of the jacket. None of this stitching can be seen on the outside of the jacket.
See what I mean. I’ve still made the jacket as per the pattern but prepped the fabric before construction.
I’m not a fan of binding seam allowances but I did it for this jacket.
The hems also use bias binding too.

The lining was quilted for the jacket so it’s quite boxy as you can tell from the back view.

Once I cut out the jacket, there was enough for the skirt. I made the most of this fabric.


I think I have a ‘thing’ for pockets. Ok, you’re allowed to chuckle.

Here’s how I used a template to make the pockets curve nicely.

Here’s how they worked out.

This is the final closeup of the pockets.
I have to say, this is the warmest suit I have in my wardrobe. The wool fabric is thick and with the lining and quilting, it’s great for a mild Sydney Winter.
I had a meeting in the city and I teamed this suit with boots and I felt quite cosy.

I’m ready to put this pattern aside – for now.

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