Dauntless skirt

I’ve finally, finally, finally made the 1960s pencil skirt for my Dauntless jacket (Burda 7140).

I’m so glad I made this skirt, just in time for Winter.

After making this skirt 3 times, it was fitting that this skirt is number ‘four’.

These are the initial 3 skirts. Simplicity 2154 is adaptable with different woven fabrics.

I’ve really love this 1960s pencil skirt (Simplicity 2154) because it’s so versatile.

The back view.

These fabrics for this outfit are from Minerva Crafts UK.

The original fabrics and notions from Minerva Crafts UK.

The wool fabric is a stretch woven so it’s wonderful for wearing in the office. 
Comfortable; lots of movement; easy to iron; doesn’t crease much.
It’s also lined so this skirt will keep its shape for a long time.

I’ve changed the brightness of this photo so you can see the additional pockets.

These pockets make this skirt more work friendly for carrying keys or coins to buy coffee with.

The skirt construction method is on this previous vintage retro blog post.

The waistband doesn’t cut into me so I can wear this skirt all day long.
Getting the back vent right is easy with these pattern instructions.

This Winter I’ve got some fun suit choices.

This is going to be my ‘go-to’ suit for Winter.
Stay warm this Winter.

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