Vogue Sport and running

There’s a link between these two topics that I’ll let you in on.

This week I was tapering for a half-marathon that I finished this morning. What’s the link?
Tapering is when you train less leading up to an event. There is a link here.

In May, when I tapered for the Sydney half-marathon I made a coat with colour that needed lots of hand stitching. 

The hand stitching kept me sane in the lead up to the run.
This is the ‘before’ shot from the May run.

This week I cut out this Vogue Sports top and slowly made it up so that I could taper and not crave endorphins – that’s the link.

As an aside, a colleague sent me this story about how women are taking over running because he was chuffed that I decided to do two half marathons this year.

Anyway, the pattern was a gift and it was printed in 1991. So this pattern is older than 20 years so it’s part of my Vintage Pattern Pledge.

Sewing this fabric wasn’t too hard. I used a straight stitch and used stretch needles. The hems are coverstitched.

I’ve paired this top with my RTW skinny jeans.

The hood is huge or I’m just small. I used the shortening lines to make the sleeves the right length. I’ve kept the bodice long because this is a Winter top

There’s no shaping but no the seams don’t need finishing. And now I’m just ready to chill.

Here’s the after shot from this morning’s run.

The course was flat and the weather was nippy but fine. The organisers made this morning’s run feel like a huge party.

I’m glad I used my tapering time to make this vintage top for Winter. And that’s my story about Vogue Sport and running.

Thanks to everyone for being so supportive today.

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