Stripes and NL 6149

It all started with this stripe top using New Look 6149 v-neckline and a good rugby knit I bought from Tessutis last year. A walking foot, many long pins and a lot of resewing seams helped me match the lines on these tops.

The neckline is made with overlapped binding and it sits very flat.

There was a fair bit of pieces and lines to be matched. Even the two-piece sleeve needs to be matched.

Then I moved to this fabric from Tessutis and made this version again. I think I’m a bit obsessed with stripes and matching patterns at the moment.

The lines on this fabric vary quiet a bit so the fun was cutting the pieces out and sewing this up. 

Again I used lots of long pins, my walking foot to keep the lines in place and a lot of unpicking.

 And this version goes well with what I already have in my wardrobe.

This time the hem has a slight curve to it this time around and I’ve cut the back on the fold this time because I was a bit tired of matching lines by this stage. 
These tops are my ‘go-to’ weekend tops. The fabric has just enough lycra to help the fabric keep its shape. These tops were worn a lot when we traveled in June.
Now might be the time to stop sewing with stripe knit fabric. Or maybe not:)

PS: There are some heftier sewing projects happening at the moment and you’ll read about soon. Promise!


  1. Fabulous tops. Love those stripes. Can't decide which one I like most. The darker one looks very sophisticated and the light one fun and bright. Lovely.


  2. Thanks Kristy. Every time I go to the Surry Hills store I make a 'bee line' for their knits. I'm sure I shouldn't anymore 🙂


  3. That is some nice stripe matching you've got going on there Maria! I love the way raglan sleeves & stripes make for a real design feature, but I'm always too chicken/ lazy to get round to it :p


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