Testing New Look 6122

Summer holidays are just about here and this is a dress I’ve dared myself to wear. This is my Make a Garment a Month piece.

There are plenty of opportunities to wear this style – get-togethers with family and friends, drinks,  summer BBQs or just a simple night out.

My favourite look is View B in the short version as it gives me enough options to colour block if I’m trying to mix up fabrics for a fresh look.
On Pattern Review I found a few reviews but only one for View B. This test version is made using a remnant fabric from Pitt Trading.

The location is Newington Amory at Sydney Olympic Park on an early summer afternoon. Funny how the old naval loading structure behind me looks like it’s coming out of my head. The perils of taking photos. Ya gotta laugh.

The straps were cut out as per the pattern but they were really long for me, so I decided to make this a halter style and not waste the neck band fabric. The bodice pattern has elastic at the top of the back piece and also along the whole waistband. I’ve not used the tie back at the waist.
I added swimwear elastic on the inside of the front bands so that the front bands cover me snugly. I kept the gathers on the skirt at the centre back and at the centre front. It’s a summer weekend style so I’ve these gathers too.
What will make this dress more comfortable to wear is an internal bust lining piece. I’ll add this to the next version that you’ll read about later this week. This fabric is very stretchy so it does need more body.
As it’s getting busy for everyone, I wish you and your families a lovely Christmas break. If you’re travelling during this period, please stay safe.


  1. Very pretty dress on you, nice style and perfect for all those summer occasions you mentioned. I also agree, sometimes things just happen in your photos!


  2. Actually it looks like a rocket pack thing that is levitating you (that armory structure I mean)! The dress is frickkin' awesome, as usual you've 'lady'd' it up and made it looks a lot less casual and a lot more evening-wear somehow. Well done and happy hols to you and the family.


  3. I'm sure with the hot and humid weather that will be happening soon that this dress will be very useful. Thanks for the link to Pitt Trading – they have some lovely fabric on the website.


  4. I don't know how I missed seeing this post! Your dress is beautiful and I am in the midst of making the same view in the longer version. I ran into a snag and when I searched up this pattern was directed to you, luckily! So I have a question for you if you don't mind….did you notice that the elastic when cut to the guide was too big for the back? I'm not sure how to go ahead and cut it to a length I will need…


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