Can you make me a puppy?

Last month at a family get together my littlest niece pulled me aside and asked me this question. How could I refuse? I don’t make toys. I never have. It’s not my thing.

So I sat with her and we found a cute puppy pattern online. She was happy with her puppy choice.

In my weakened state I went to the local fabric shop and bought the fur, eyes and nose.

All the while I kept thinking – I really don’t make toys. What am I going to do now???
So in my search for a back up toy puppy option I jumped online and ordered a soft toy puppy kit from Minerva Crafts via their ebay store.

My ebay order became 2 orders so 2 toy puppy kits arrived home the following week.

My regular sewing took priority as the toy kits patiently waited for me to make them up. Panic kept building inside of me at the thought of sewing a toy puppy. 

Christmas kept looming and so I finally buckled and made up the first toy dog.

I’ve sewn with faux fur before so I used my Clover wonderclips to keep the fur together. The puppy’s fluffy ears came together so well.

Then his little head came together so sweetly. This cute face spurred me on to see how this kit would eventually turn out.

With 4mm seams and no need to finish the seams, he soon had front paws but still no mouth.

I wrote on each piece in pen so I could piece this puppy together as per the instructions. There’s no way I would be able to identify any of these pieces otherwise. The instructions name the pieces and the letter joins to sew so it was important to write on the pre-cut pieces.

The piece above is his little tail ready to be filled. Puppies must have tails to wag.

He’s now ready to make my littlest niece happy this Christmas.

And he has a small smile too. 

I think Mum will enjoy puppy #2 because the fur is so soft. Mum’s at a stage where she finds comfort holding soft pillows, so I’m hoping her new soft puppy will be just as calming for her.
BFF puppies for the family. I’m glad I bought these kits.
I slowly worked on the original puppy pattern (see above), and I feel more confident to be Santa’s helper and make soft toys especially after making these cuties.


  1. Funny you didn't really want to make one, so you made three instead! They are adorable and a great idea to give one to your Mum. I am sure it will give her much pleasure.


  2. Awwww. So beautiful. Uber cute. Plus you are such a wonderful daughter to your mum. You are such a wonderful example for others, including myself as I move into that stage of having an aged parent. Your love for your mum is so beautifully expressed in all you do for her..It lliterally brings a tear to my eye.


  3. “so I could piece this puppy together”….bwah ha ha! (if that doesn't make you laugh then it must be an american thing!)

    super super cute. there is nothing you can't sew!


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