Bamboo shoot Peony

Here’s a partnership – Colette Peony and Pattern Magic Bamboo Shoot – in a lined cotton dress for summer.
Shown after working for the day.
Ironed nicely before work

The bodice folds needed a bit of work when I tested it. They’re still a WIP. I wasn’t 100% sure about the waist so I added the cumberbun with 3 pearl buttons.

The front bodice came to a v point at the waist – unintentionally – based on the Pattern Magic istructions. That’s been fixed. The dress is fully lined because the fabric is light weight cotton for a top or blouse.

I’ve added the bamboo shoot treatment to the sleeve, but I’m not sure this is good idea. This feature need editings. Sleeve or no sleeve?
The pattern change below shows you the sleeve treatment I’ll try next. The pleats will fall from the sleeve head and not the sleeve hem.

The zipper was short so I’ve added a 3 button button closure to the back neckline.

Making totes, bags (no more UFOS left in 2012) and purses is fun but making clothes is more my cup of tea.

Merry Christmas y’all. It’s time for a break when there’s a fish face pose.


  1. Love it! What a beautiful colour dress. The buttons offset on the waist add a nice touch, matching the ones on the back.
    Merry Christmas and looking forward to more of your creative sewing in 2013…J


  2. Merry Christmas Maria! Lovely to see the PM magic bodice dress finished — such an interesting design and the colour is gorgeous. I look forward to sewing together again in the new year.


  3. Great job incorporating the bamboo design into the Colette! I really like the cumber bun with the 3 pearl buttons. That is such a pretty touch. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


  4. I love the use of the bamboo shoot technique in the bodice, it looks great, and the fabric colour is gorgeous. How clever of you to put it into this dress.


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