Hiding gift sewing

Santa’s workshop was open until Christmas Eve. Well Santa outsourced a couple of projects to my sewing room and while it would have been a challenge sewing with the intended recipient (DH) in the house, DH didn’t notice what I was doing. And that’s a good thing.
This dressing gown (Butterick 6837) was tested in an old flanellette sheet and DH wore it for me, he ignored the experience and he continued to go back and tinker on the bicycles.
A day earlier, I was using Steam a seam lite 2 to position the pockets of this man apron at the ironing board so you can’t really see where the pockets are positioned, DH came over to ask me a question so I casually folded the print on itself so only the white back of the fabric showed. I calmly walked to DH and continued the conversation. Nothing strange to look at here.  
Long story short, DH loves both gifts. The barista now has an official man coffee apron. He loves the print and said it screamed DH. The man functions well after 2 cups of coffee. 

In case you’re wondering, the green striped tape on the apron is there to hang a towel from, while DH is making coffee. I traced the apron from an existing apron that DH already owns so there was no need to test it for size :))

Thank you to everyone who sent me holiday wishes. Bring on 2013!


  1. The management is similarly unobservant!
    I love the idea of a tape to hang an apron from on the apron -inspired. I hope you wont mind me using that idea on some aprons as gifts for the future?


  2. Dear TML,
    Please feel free to use my idea and make it work for you.
    Improving on anything that I've sewn would give me great pleasure in seeing how your apron has worked out.


  3. That is quite funny ! I often joke about my DH and his man looks when he can not find anything right under his nose. I sewed him a shirt for xmas and didn`t bother hiding it in my sewing room – he just doesn`t take any notice what goes on in there ( unless I left the lights on )so he was totally surprised to receive his homemade shirt. How cool to find some coffee fabric – perfect.


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