Wrapped up

This is my contribution to the local hospital that our local sewing group does each year. We usually do smaller items like walker bags and chemo caps but this year I made two men’s bathrobes because I’d made one for DH last year.

DH’s Christmas gift last year.

The challenge here is sewing for an unknown person so the best assumptions I could make by discussing this with some local nurses were:

  • Make the body roomy. The patient will probably have an attachment to their body.
  • Make the sleeves roomy and end the sleeve above the elbow. The patient may need to have their blood taken regularly.
  • Ensure it is long enough to overcome any hospital draughts.  
  • Use external pockets because the patient will need pockets for their valuables.
  • Use fabric that feels soft. The patient may have wounds that are sensitive.
  • Secure the belt to the back. Belts often get lost in an industrial washroom. 
  • Use a dark fabric or a fabric that doesn’t show stains.
Front view – I know this is sloppy looking but it’s soft, smooth and comfortable.

With all that in mind I’ve reused Butterick 6837 and made two bathrobes in the largest size.

  • I’ve lengthened the body length by 8cm
  • Overlocked the seams and hems
  • Added interfacing on the collar pieces
  • Sewn the tie to the back of the bathrobe
  • And let’s face it, made the largest size to cover any patient’s needs.
There’s no external opening, unlike hospital gowns.
This print hides any markings, stains and creases.

PS: A note to Tigergirl, TJ and SarahLizSewStyle, the Enid shift dress with lace is being tweaked for fit and the ‘reveal’ – Squeal!

Jungle pants – Butterick 6837

I was amazed that I found yet another jungle remnant in the stash – a snake skin print.

I’ve used Butterick 6837 because these pants are light, flowy and great for humid, mozzie infested jungle conditions.
 Remember- it’s still Jungle January. Jungle on.

The waistband has a 32mm elastic and the seams are simply overlocked. I’ve made the small size and adjusted the back crotch curve for my ‘behind.‘ These pants have been excellent for air travel too.

MyHung fabrics had an interesting eyelet fabric and I decided to make this fabric into these pants too. The fabric is 90cm wide with a lovely edging on both sides of the fabric.

This time I trimmed back the inside seam to slim back the leg width without looking too out of proportion.

I’ve also lined them from the waist to the knees because the eyelets on this fabric are huge – nothing to see here🙂

Now to make a peplum top in a solid colour (no print) to wear with both of these pants.

I’m trying to edit back the jungle prints to avoid looking like Adriana from The Sopranos. Adriana was way taller and she had nails as long as any lioness.

Dilemma: What does a girl do when the jungle prints run out?

Hiding gift sewing

Santa’s workshop was open until Christmas Eve. Well Santa outsourced a couple of projects to my sewing room and while it would have been a challenge sewing with the intended recipient (DH) in the house, DH didn’t notice what I was doing. And that’s a good thing.
This dressing gown (Butterick 6837) was tested in an old flanellette sheet and DH wore it for me, he ignored the experience and he continued to go back and tinker on the bicycles.
A day earlier, I was using Steam a seam lite 2 to position the pockets of this man apron at the ironing board so you can’t really see where the pockets are positioned, DH came over to ask me a question so I casually folded the print on itself so only the white back of the fabric showed. I calmly walked to DH and continued the conversation. Nothing strange to look at here.  
Long story short, DH loves both gifts. The barista now has an official man coffee apron. He loves the print and said it screamed DH. The man functions well after 2 cups of coffee. 

In case you’re wondering, the green striped tape on the apron is there to hang a towel from, while DH is making coffee. I traced the apron from an existing apron that DH already owns so there was no need to test it for size :))

Thank you to everyone who sent me holiday wishes. Bring on 2013!