Street cred

I can tell you, without a doubt, every guy I know now notices my sewing skills – since I started sewing with pleather and leather.

Spice of Life bag by Moonshine
This little beauty had 2 features that I love.
1: It was made by Sharon, Gail, Luci and a few Rhodes ASG sewers in 1 session earlier this year. 1 session only!
2: I got to use real leather and snake skin printed silk fabric leftovers as well as leftover bag strap, in the same colour as the leather.

Making up the internal pockets was dead easy using Steam a Seam 2 lite. Yes. There are two pockets for the phone and car keys. The linings has been interfaced with light-weight interfacing.

Sealing the leather seams with double sided tape from Birdsall Leather made the external leather seams firm. The red clips above are Clover wonder clips and I bought a box of them of ebay for a lot less than I can buy them locally.

I bought the tubular handbag frame from Ghees online store and the zippers was from my Zipperstop stash that I bought in 2011. I’ve found a local bag frame supplier through ebay – Handbag Hardware Australia, making future Spice of Life bags cheaper to make.

My shoe repair guy and I are now BFFs because while he doesn’t work on handbags, he sewed up the final seam around the handles for me for $10 and he now has the contact details for NSW Leather.

Lucky for me, he was quiet when I went to see him to finish the final seam on my bag. The photo below shows how he’s winding the bobbin. It ran out of thread.

He was really understanding and his sewing machine was hand driven! So he had to hold the bag with all its layers with one hand and operate the machine with the other hand.

This classic bag style is a winner in my books. When I make this again in leather I will use one leather layer only for the bag frame so my machine can sew through it.

I did a bit of online bidding for more leather via Graysonline but stuck to my budget and didn’t result in a leather purchase, phew! That’s it for bag making for a while and my UFOs in 2012 are done – bar the computer bag that won’t get a look at until next year.


  1. This is a great purse! Wow. I cannot believe you made it. I love the pics of the hand-pedaled leather sewing machine, too.

    I learn so much on your blog. Like how I don't ever want to work w/ leather! And how to get men's attention (of course I find that out at 51!). And about Clover wonder clips–which I'm sure I need and am shopping for on ebay right now.

    Enjoy your lovely purse & how fun to say, “Thanks, I made it!”


  2. Thank you all for your comments. I wish I knew how to reply to each individually on blogger. I'll learn that next year.
    Vicki, this leather wasn't from NSW Leather however I do have a few leather hides from there now and I plan to use them in 2013.


  3. I want this bag! It is beautiful, made of leather and in my favorite colors. Great idea to ask the shoe repair man to do the sewing that can't be done on a home machine


  4. What a striking bag! I'm not really a bag person, but this one's pretty cool. How interesting to read how you collaborated on sewing the leather!


  5. Gorgeous purse! I hadn't even considered leather purses with my machine. I am a new sewer however.

    What kind of sewing machine do you have?


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