Pattern Pyramid giveaway

Pretty grievances ran a Pattern Pyramid and my name was drawn out of the hat. Thank you for running this giveaway Ann. From the stash below, the bottom 4 patterns are definitely ones that I love and I’m thinking of keeping 2 Butterick 5532 and Simplicity 1473 and adding in 3. Prue Acton is the Butterick 5178 designer. What a blast from the past! Prue will stay in the pile for another wild ride with Australia Post.

These are the deposit patterns. The cape is just in case this pile is sent North again. Mmm.

Karen from Did you make that? started this initiative and I know this in one that maybe one or two of you might be participate in. This pattern pile started by Ann was in honour of Karen’s initiative.

  1. Anyone, anywhere can enter the giveaway by posting a comment below by midnight Friday 19 October AND you must have an active blog.
  2. I will randomly select a winner.
  3. I will post this pack to the winner.
  4. Here’s the difference. Like poker you can pick any number of patterns and replace them with any number of patterns. I hope you can keep it interesting for the sewing community. Each winner will then host their own giveaway. They will randomly select a winner, post the remaining patterns to that Person C. Person C will pick a pattern for themselves, host their own giveaway and post the remaining patterns to the winner, Person D. Person D will…

Karen and Ann want to help global sewing and spreading the sewing love by sharing lots of patterns and we all can make something from this common pattern pool. Ann has supplied a travel journal so please add your entry into the pile’s journal. And the hanky can continue on too. Yes. They might have the sniffles en-route!

Trench update
Below is a pic from DN with her Mum wearing her new trench. As always, we chatted on the phone for at least half an hour or more and she loves the coat including the trench detailing. It’s a bit roomy and the sleeves need a bit of tapering and shortening, so I’ll tackle this when we catch up next week.

She loves this version with the trench detailing and we’ve agreed the formal version will be more classic – less trench-like, so I’m happy with that outcome. The extra room I added in the centre front will definitely go:) She does love the crinkly fabric, the belt, the epaulets, linings. See why we can talk for ages?
Janine from Interrupted Sutures asked if I’ll be making one of these for me. That’s a good question because I did buy 7m of the fabric for $10. I’ll wait to see if this fabric suits the littlest DN because she has similar colouring and I promised to make her a coat for winter next year. You’ll soon see I’m working M5525 with the blue purple fabric. The fabric I’m using is sitting behind the Vogue deposit pattern.


  1. I think the coat looks great. I notice that wrap dress in your lot and recently CarmencetaB made one of these and she had a little video about a wrap dress that was made of sheer fabric and was many lengths and colours. It was fabulous. I urge you to have a look if you haven't seen it.


  2. I was sent here by Ann at PG – glad to meet you!
    I love the coat you are making for your SIL. Very dedicated. Lucky lady.

    I would love to be added to the draw for the pattern pyramid. \it is a fabulous idea and I would love to join in.

    Thank you


  3. Ohh add me, I'd love to play Pattern Pyramid, there are a couple in that pic I've got my eye on and I have some patterns I can add for someone else to enjoy. I love this idea, I hope these pattern pyramids go all over the world again and again 😉

    The trench is looking good, reminds me that I should really start thinking about fixing the trench I made…hmmm 🙂


  4. That coat looks terrific! You have a lucky sister in law 🙂 Congratulations on receiving the pattern pyramid, and I look forward to seeing what you make up. No need to add my name in obviously, hehe.

    My orange liqueur is finally ready!!!


  5. I am in awe of the trench, as I've never siccessfully sewn a coat. I too would love to be in the pyramid, though as I am in England I'm not sure that's very helpful 🙂 Ruthie


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