Finished – Kwik Sew 3716

These new lining pieces were drawn from the existing jacket pieces minus the collar and back neck facings. It’s a drag to trace off but necessary. The centre back has a 2.5cm vent for movement.

Then I decided to add bias edging at the join between the lining and facings. I figured – why not. This jacket is going to be well worn so I decided it should better than RTW too.

This practice jacket way makes it less stressful making the formal jacket. These pictures will  will prompt me when I’m sewing later on.

This was the right shoulder adjustment.

Here are shots of the formal jacket. I have one more formal jacket to complete and then it’s on to the skirt/top combos.

My sewing room rant:
My main sewing machine has lost the lighting mechanism but I’m used a desk spotlight to get through this lot of sewing. The replacement globe didn’t work.
Then the overlocker went on the fritz. From the corner of my eye, I watched a sliver of lining wafted out of the catcher into the overlocker base and ‘splat’, the looper threads broke. And the threads continually kept breaking with each rethreading attempt until I gave up for the night. Next morning I grabbed the hairdryer from the bathroom and menacingly pointed it into the overlocker base and gave it a good shot of cold air to clean out the base and the offending lining sliver and its accomplices disappeared and are no where to be seen. The stitching and looper threads are back to normal. Seriously, I think the full moon had something to do with this strange overlocker kerfuffle.


  1. Your jackets are looking great. I have to say sometimes the overlocker is just letting you know it has had enough and really you just have to listen and let it get over it or you'll never get it rethreaded! I used to fight it but learned my lessons over time.


  2. Those jackets are terrific! You are really knocking htem out, and they all look so gorgeous and beautifully tailored 🙂
    I had to smile when I read your sewing room rant; I haven't had a light on my sewing machine for a few week's either, but I do not have the time to go to the ONE shop that stocks bayonet fitting globes, grrr. So I have been using a desk lamp too!!


  3. Lovely work on the jacket! Your mum will look great in it. I too had a blowup with my serger. I broke the threads and couldn't get it to work after re-threading. Had to walk away and then come back. Then it worked! 😛


  4. I think there's definitely a theme here. The best way to rethread an overlocker is to walk away and come back later and rethread them. That's not in the instruction guide but it should be 🙂


  5. OMG the idea of using a blowdryer to de-fuzz your serger is a GREAT one. I may try this soon!
    Thank you for all your comments on my blog–you are one of my biggest sewing cheerleaders!


  6. You're on a real jacket binge these days hey? It is cold and must be doubly so for you what with biking everywhere and all..


  7. I've just finished my jacket from this pattern after spending a good deal of time studying your photos and comments. I didn't do the top stitching and now the facing wants to roll out. (I did line the jacket.) I am wondering what would prevent this rolling outward: under stitching the whole front, tacking some seam lines together in the ditch, or the top stitching? Did you choose to top stitch partly for this purpose–in addition to its being a lovely embellishment? Jean in VA, USA


  8. Hi Jean. Thanks for these questions.
    I'm glad you lined the jacket.
    Step 1: Try understitching the collar and see how it sits.
    Step 2: Then do 1 row of topstitching and see if the collar and facing sit properly.
    The main reason I did the rows of topstitching is because it looked great without adding too much embellishment on my little Mum.
    The collar width hasn't been changed. I've used the pattern but I could see making the collar wider for a more formal occassion would be beautiful on an embellished brocade or gorgeous silk.
    I hope this feedback helps.


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