That’s not how you make porridge!

Today’s MMM’12 challenge was to take a photos food/eating/cooking.

This photo shoot reminds me of when I used to teach home science, when I first started working.

The blouse is Vogue 8118 and the lined skirt McCalls 9356 has the front split on the left side. I’ve also made this top in a red print. The skirt has also been used before, but you’ll see this another day.

This morning I had to go into the city so this picture has a small view of the Opera House in the background, near my head. This jacket is a McCalls 8971 and I originally made it ‘butt covering’ length but a 4 years ago I cut it back to hip length.


  1. your outfit is lovely.
    I used to burn all my porridge until the microwave and oh I wouldn`t be wearing my good clothes just in case.


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