Remnant tops

This Kwik Sew 2694 pattern you’ve seen before but I’ve tried to ruche the sleeve head with a line of skinny elastic from my notion stash. I’ve remarked the elastic line so it runs down the centre of the sleeve.

This is the small size and the fabric is from the $20 summer garbage bag of Pitt Trading remnants. The fabric is very fine and has no spandex  so you can see it pulling at the bust cross over point.

Below, the leftover fabric from Mum’s top wasn’t wide enough for a second top for her, so I made a small for me. After wearing it for a day last week shrank it with the overlocker. Because this fabric wasn’t long enough, the print doesn’t match because it’s a remnant and I was focussing on the fit.

The pants are Vogue 8503 and the jacket is Vogue 8480 for MMM’12 Day 3.
Both pieces are made from furnishing fabric. The jacket is fully lined and I know it needs to be taken in at the sides, so that will go on my alterations list.


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