UFO Grey pants

Last night I had a go an adjusting these pants. The fabric is a slight stretch woven. I have similar grey work jackets and I needed a grey pair of pants that fit. Unfortunately the side pockets again gaped too much for my liking. So I took them out. You can see the pocket shape I used on the front in the picture below. The lighter grey fabric is the pocket lining. I ran out of the grey wool fabric.

I think I am addicted to sewing because I woke up at 5am and finished these pants. What was bugging me was the amount of slack or billowing that was happening down both sides of the leg. Last night I eased our 2cm from the outer leg and 1cm from the inner leg. There’s still a bit of bulk so I’ll ease this out another time.
I think the next step is going to be to try a new pattern with a slim fit leg. So after making x number of pants this year, I’ve learnt lots about pocket placement, a bit more about fit and I think I can now attempt jeans. The back view still looks wedgie through. I’ll have to add a bigger butt curve. Now that’ll be fun.
Tip: When I took the waistaband off and cut the waist down to size, I put two safety pins mid way along the zipper, so I wouldn’t accidentally pull the zipper handle off the zipper. I’ve done that heaps of times before.


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