Back sewing

Sunday morning was when I sent in my last assignment. However I did get a chance to sew at Rhodes on Saturday because I could see the light at the end of the study tunnel. I worked on these pants (again) because they were sitting way too high on my waist (Harry-high-pants).
The pockets were not part of the pants pattern. They were my ‘interpretation’ of pockets that sit flat on my body. The original side seam pockets are not flattering so on Saturday I spent 4 hours dropping the waist line by 2.5cm placing the new pockets and then unpicking them and dropping the waistline again by 2 cm. I added the waistband and closure last night.

So today I wore these pants to work with heels and they felt¬†comfortable. That’s really all I was aiming for. The grey pants are next…

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