Maggy London b5173

Spot the difference. Can you see how I’ve changed this dress? 

This version has no sleeves. The reason being is the armhole was way too high. I’ve lowered the armhole by 3cm. By the time I did this, the sleeve didn’t fit and I’ve finally run out of this static-rich fabric. I took Wendy’s advice and sprayed the fabric with anti stat but it just kept sticking to itself. I cut the dress out on the carpet because it stuck to the carpet really well. The other issue is that it was just too humid to do anything else.
The front tab has been shortened. When I initially constructed the front, it was so far down my front that it was pointing to my tummy. Not a flattering look. I moved the gathers to my bust area but that wasn’t enough to overcome the tummy arrow effect. The remaining front gathers were converted to an inverted pleat.
BTW: DH was not put off by the gathers at the bust area…
From the line drawing, the front neckline does point to the tummy, so I should have done a bit more planning.
 This time the side view is a bit less voluminous and if I was taller, that wouldn’t be an issue. The back fits really well.

The original adjustments were sway back adjustment, I took some of the volume out of the skirt by straightening the side seams. If I do this again, I’ll have to redraft the centre front and raise the front neckline. I’ll also buy better quality fabric too:) 


  1. It's so funny you just made this dress. I came so close to cutting it out this weekend and then did the tunic and pants instead. Thanks for all the pattern tips. I didn't really notice the “arrow” and I was wondering about the sleeves too. So you really helped me out, if I decide to make this. I do like your version. Once again, you've chosen really pretty fabrics and the way you fixed the neckline looks great.


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