Another simplicity 2369

This time I did a couple different things since last week’s version. This fabric has been in my stash since the purple purchase frenzy in 2009. I think this was a local purchase because there were no emotional attachments that came to mind.


This style was really fun to wear to work in the eggplant/brown print so now i’m on the look out for great buckles. So the fabric is a dark print and there’s still heaps left. I decided not to use the same fabric as the facing. I’ve used black underwear elastic. My initial idea was to use white FOE, but I wasn’t brave enough to use this contrast. I will next time. Anyway, the black elastic was easy to apply, soft against the skin and keeps the neckline from flipping open.

The drawing shows the belt at the front but my belt tends to hide to the side. That I can live with while I search for some great belt buckles.


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