On the last day of the sewing convention, I chose to do a wrap with Nola Sterling and learn more about free sewing. Here’s the blue wrap. It has a combination of flec wool and real home spun wool.

Below is the underside. This has the very blue real wool layer.

 Here’s a closer look at the free machine stitching and pearl cording.

 This is the red wrap and it has a hole at one end so you can thread the wrap into itself.

 This is a close up of the stitching.

This is the underlayer with a darker red using white thread. It’s a real mess but that stitching is how this is all held together.

We used a wash away material to lay down the threads, wool, laces if you have any etc. Then you sandwich the ‘wools’ and start free sewing away. It took some getting used to and it is great if you are not feeling very accurate. The washaway material took 5 minutes to dissolve under warm water and what you see is the result.

I’ll use this technique for special collars on winter jackets next year. It’s spring now so these two wraps are going into storage.

BTW, my niece caught me sewing while she and her brother were with me yesterday and she shouted to her brother ‘Come and see aunty’s knitting machine.’ When her brother raced into the room he took in the ‘knitting’ things I have in my room and he asked, ‘can you make my sister a scarf?‘ They’re just so hug-able. I think I’ll be having a craft session with them next time they come over. PS Happy Columbus Day.

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