LBD – B5314

On Friday I had an idea. Now it’s a little black dress and an entry in two Pattern Review contests.Butterick 5314 is a dress pattern that I’ve had for a while, when I did a big shop online. So I’ve entered the pattern stash competition. This will help get through the patterns, and also decide which patterns need to go.

Fitted dresses are good for my shape and height (short).

I recently met my older nephew’s steady girlfriend and all I could see was a really happy young couple, and so after putting 2 and 2 together, I’m thinking next year might be the year for an engagement. Hence, a new LBD for that formal lunch or celebratory drinks at night…
Here’s a sneak peek. Tomorrow I need to do at least three photos as I’ve entered the LBD competition too. There are 3 days to go for the LBD.

So the bust point was repositioned, more room was added for my behind, the armhole base was dropped, the V opening was lowered and I’ve used a stretch woven and lined the dress. Because black on black is hard to see at night, I’ve used dark navy lining, dark navy invisible zip and dark brown thread for the seams. I’ve hand stitched in black thread.
Tomorrow I’ll post the real pics, so you can see the dress fit.

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