Weekend finishes

Last weekend was a three day weekend – of rain. While most people feel it limits what you can do, it’s also always perfect sewing weather (yay).

I did no sewing during the week so I left it all for the weekend. My sewing room is still in post-sewing convention mode. I did a few fix it jobs, so that I can concentrate on PR Review’s pattern stash competition. I’ll aim to use the patterns that I bought earlier this year from BMV.
What I’m also thinking of doing using my green fabric stash too. As at this moment, Therisa has already gained 8 points and used over 15yds of fabric, so the pace has been set. You go girl.

The skirt below was the result of an embellishing workshop I did at convention with Nola Sterling. She’s an energetic and very giving tutor. She can’t do enough for you. The skirt is Mccalls 8972 (oops) and I just love the yoke with pockets style, view H.
So the skirt attachment remains unfinished because I’m still deliberating on whether I attach this or not. I’m not sure if the attachment is my style however, this is a weekend skirt.

The main part of the workshop with Nola was using an embellishing machine. It really blew my mind. Sewing without thread and still having the ability to attach fabric together. I’m still getting my head around this. 

By the way, the green/grey stripy top is one that I made a couple of years ago. I sewed in the silver sleeves and some silver on the neckline so it looks like two tops.

I had another go at the neckline of the shiny blue dress below and then also trimmed the side seams in for a closer fit and raised the skirt hem. I was feeling pretty ‘mother of the bride’ in this dress, so it might stay in the closet for a while.


  1. I really love this casual look of the striped t-shirt and skirt. Green is my favorite color and it is so jazzed up with the silver. I read another blog about embellishing. It sounds pretty neat! Looks like you are having fun with it.


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