Jacket #5 is reversible

DH started to act like a gun photographer when he took these photos of my reversible jacket.

Anyway … this was the result from Thursday’s ASC reversible vest class with Sue Marriot. She was really accommodating because this was supposed to be a reversible vest class. I did email her so that she knew what I wanted to do, and she was really cool about it. Sue showed me how to make shoulder pads too. Because the jacket is reversible, shoulder pads can’t be moulded. So I bought foam that you use to re-line your ironing board and cut them to size. Sue adjusted the shape to suit me, and then she overlocked the shoulder pads with lining.

I wasn’t able to find a reversible zipper in Sydney and couldn’t find one in Melbourne. I ended up buying a sleeping bag zipper, so I used it around the neckline and cut away what I didn’t need. I will use the rest of the zip as trim another time.

On our way home from Ballarat, we made an unplanned stop at Bargain Box Shepparton and found reversible zippers. How good is that?
So now here’s my start to add green pieces into my wardrobe. I’ll keep adding pieces over the next few months to make up a collection…


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