Better photos

I had a good day wearing my wearable toile to work today.

front view
The photos I initially published were too dark – my apologies.
The photos on the dummy don’t show how well the dress fits me and it was really comfortable to wear. The dress still didn’t stick to me, even after a walk in the heat.
side view
You might be able to see the hot pink chiffon lining I used inside the dress. The lining was $2 for 2 metres, bought at Pitt Trading earlier this year.

back view
Did I say that the fabric was bought from a curtain shop in Homebush?
Everyone loved the roll collar and the fit of the dress. I’m hoping that in time, someone at work decides to take up sewing. Then I’ll never stop talking about sewing projects. I love it when projects work.


  1. I came over from Patternreview to your blog to see the pictures of your dress. Great style and color. Of course I love anything red. I'll bet it looks very nice on you.


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