I’m back – Butterick 5277

I put Sunday aside to start working on the dress and would you believe, I finished it. Unbelieveable.

How did I stay focused after 2 months off?
I turned my computer off, turned off the telly and just took it one step at a time.

When I started to think negative thoughts I would say to myself – I’m talented, my sewing buddies are talented, I’m talented. That’s when I started to refocus again.

How did I put more quality into my work?
After reading about couture sewing, seeing a few couture fashion exhibitions in Dublin, Paris and London and I watched the Valentino film (The last emperor?) on the flight home, I used my dress maker dummy to do some final touches that I normally hate to do and (shock) steps that I by-pass.
I’m using Roberta’s technique of placing lace edging on the hems on lining and sometimes on the inside of the fabric hem itself.

What ignited my sewing bug?
We’ve got our annual sewing weekend on 14 and 15 November and the thought of taking that unmade boring fabric was killing me. The dress is a toile but it’s now part of my wardrobe.

Sharon’s done an amazing job of organising this year’s sewing weekend. She’s covered every aspect with such thought and professionalism. We’ve both followed Alison’s eye for detail. Alison organised the first two sewing weekends. I’ve organised two and Toni organised last year’s at Ferndale. Toni is now the conference organiser for the Sewing Guild. Toni has such drive and energy.

I also had a look at the dresses on sale at JC Penny’s, saw my fabric stash and thought, “I can do this next weekend.”


  1. Just wanted to say hi. I'm coming to Sharon's sewing weekend and am looking forward to meeting some real life sewers (as opposed to the cyber variety).


  2. We all take inspiration off each other and yes we are all talented and love seeing what each other does.

    Thank you for the comments, I'm only having my turn at doing what you, Alison and Toni have done before me.

    Can't wait to see you dress.

    See you soon.


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