Winter warmth – Kwik Sew 3617

Here’s the fabric that I bought at The Fabric Store in March. I liked the colour, fabric print, fabric feel and level of spandex in the fabric. Spandex ensures that the fabric doesn’t bag to quickly. The downside, is it can make the fabric feel harsh or cold.

I enjoyed making this pattern up earlier this year as a dress and this fabric gave me the opportunity to build a brown knit top to go with the layers I wear in the winter.

As you can see, the fit is very relaxed and it’s comfortable to wear.

After attending an Industry day, I’m still not interested in quilting or patchwork. What I did do with this pattern and fabric was to use another brown knit fabric to embellish the neckline.
With the amount of sewing gadets I have, it seemed wasteful not to use the cutting board, blade and ruler to prepare the bias piping. I used some webbing to iron the piping in half so it was easy to use on the neckline.


  1. Love the top and that extra touch at the band really looks good. We will have to check what each other is wearing, once I make mine up (LOL).

    Thank you again for being an enabler at The Fabric shop last night.


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