winter greys – kwik sew 3378 and 2683

I had some time on the weekend to finally make these tops for my winter wardrobe. Many of my tops have a v-neckline and they’re flattering but they let me down when it’s cold and I have the sore throat that signals an oncoming head cold.

These fabrics are all soft knit that have 10% wool and 5% spandex and they are from one of my favourite places – Pitt Trading. I have a habit of doing reinforcing stitching on the sleeve head to strengthen the sleeve/neckline shape.

These fabrics were not bought to mature like good red wine. They’re the chardonnay/verdehlo types that needs to be made now – so I have made them up.

This top is really comfortable to wear and I really enjoyed wearing it on Saturday. They are now part of my layer basics.
Sewing hints
There wasn’t a full length piece to make the sleeve, so there’s a seam near the elbow.
I’ve used seams great on the shoulder seam for reinforcement.
Double needle was used on the necklines and the hemlines, when the thread didn’t break. Otherwise, I’ve zigzagged the hemlines.
No seam finish was used.

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